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100 лучших товаров России

100 лучших товаров России

100 университетов России

100 лучших университетов России

English version -> Information about Kursk State Agricultural Academy

   Kursk State Agricultural Academy named after Professor II Ivanov was founded in 1951 in order to provide country with highly qualified specialists in the field of agriculture. During the past 64 years of its existence, Kursk State Agricultural Academy has trained more than 40,000 professionals, and today it is one of the leading agricultural high schools in Russia, which enrolled more than 7000 students.
   The academy has been awarded a certificate of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) at level of "Recognized Perfection» and a diploma of a winner of the competition "Gold medal" European quality "in the nomination" 100 best high schools in Russia». The academy’s quality management system is certified by Certification Association "Russian Register" for satisfying the requirements of the international standard ISO 9001: 2008. The academy is the only high school in Kursk region that has been awarded the Certificate «Trust of the employer» by Kursk Regional State Labor Inspectorate. The academy has won the regional competition of quality, has been awarded Kursk region governor’s prize for quality, has been marked by the honorary title "Excellent quality." The academy has the diplomas of the contest "100 best goods of Russia", as well as diplomas and medals in various categories as a winner of the VII - XI Kurskaya Korenskaya trade fair.
   International co-operation is carried out with 17 universities and organizations from 11 countries. Foreign students study at the academy; professors from overseas partner universities are involved to the educational process. Educational, scientific and cultural projects are carried out in cooperation with international partners. Students and postgraduates of the academy have the opportunity to study and practice in the CIS, Europe and the United States.
   The educational process is carried out by highly qualified teachers. More than 70% of them have academic degrees and titles.
   The Kursk State Agricultural Academy created the most favorable conditions for the students’ study. Classes are held in special, well-equipped classrooms with the use of modern information technology. There are computer classrooms, extensive library, electronic library, twenty-four-hour free Internet access via Wi-Fi (including directly from the dormitory) at students’ disposal.
   Students live in comfortable double or triple rooms of dormitories located near the main building of the academy.
   Students’ practical training is held at 3 training and production departments and in 40 branches of departments of the academy located at the leading industrial, processing and agricultural enterprises of the Central Federal District. The academy also has its own veterinary clinic, vivarium and greenhouse. In order to develop and to secure the practical skills of students the productive resources of experimental training farm "Znamenskoye" are used.
   Students’ leisure is also well organized. Sports halls, stadium are available, the work of various circles, societies and groups is organized.

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