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Курская государственная сельскохозяйственная академия имени И. И. Иванова


Kursk State Agricultural Academy is a university with a 70-year history. More than 50 thousand graduates have become human resources framework of the agro-industrial complex of the Kursk Region and other regions of Russia. Amongst them are almost half of the heads of the areas of the regions, the heads of many agricultural enterprises and companies. Not only agrarian, but also engineering and economic education began in Kursk State Agricultural Academy.

Education at the academy is conducted at 6 faculties: agrotechnological, zooengineering, engineering and economics faculties, the faculty of veterinary medicine and the faculty of secondary vocational education.

The Academy implements: 11 bachelor’s programs, 6 master's programs, 1 specialty program, 8 specialties of secondary vocational education, 9 programs for training scientific and pedagogical personnel in graduate school.

Kursk Agricultural Academy trains specialists in 52 basic educational programs in 9 enlarged groups. In Kursk State Agricultural Academy you can get not only higher but also secondary vocational education. All specialties and programs have state accreditation. Graduates receive a state-recognized educational document that meets the requirements of international agreements. For employees of enterprises and organisations of the agricultural sector, the university offers more than 50 advanced training and professional retraining programs.

A highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff has been formed in Kursk State Agricultural Academy. More than 90% of university teachers have academic degrees, and in higher education programs more than 22% of teachers (every fifth) are Doctors of Science.


  • +700 State-funded Places
  • 12 Partner Universities/International Internships
  • State and Business Partners Scholarships
  • Dormitory on the campus for 2500+ students

Regards physical facilities there are 9 educational buildings, 7 dormitories and a canteen. The Academy has the right of permanent (unlimited) use of more than 1000 hectares of land.

Our university has all the necessary infrastructure for social and educational activities, including 8 gyms, an assembly hall for 420 seats. 100% of students are provided with places in the dormitory.

The Academy has established and successfully operates basic departments at the leading enterprises of the agro-industrial complex: applied breeding and seed production of field crops on the basis of LLC EkoNiva-APK, technologies for highly productive rational land use on the basis of Kursk FANTS Federal State Budgetary Scientific Institution, intensive gardening technologies on the basis of LLC Zorinsky Garden. The Academy has also developed online courses on agriculture and agricultural sciences as part of the Education National Project.

Both teachers and students undergo training in the largest agricultural holdings Cherkizovo, Miratorg, EkoNiva and others. The bases of practical training are over 230 partner enterprises of the Academy in more than 30 regions of Russia. In 2019 98.4% of graduates were employed - 559 people, in 2020 - 99.3% of graduates (609 people).

The Academy conducts successful research work in the field of agricultural, biological, veterinary, technical and economic sciences.

Nowadays there are 6 scientific schools, the developments of the Academy's researchers cover 11 branches of science.

Within the framework of Federal Science and Technology Program, the Academy carries out research work in the areas of rational environmental management, earth sciences, and also participates in the activities of the world-class scientific and educational center "Innovative Solutions in the Agro-Industrial Complex".

The Academy, together with the Russian Agricultural Bank, is implementing a campus project and a scholarship program. The best students of the agricultural university receive financial support from the bank and the possibility of further employment.

In 2021 together with the Russian Agricultural Bank and the Administration of the Kursk Region the Academy is implementing the Farmer's School Project. The aim of this project is to support the development of farming in the Kursk region and the creation of new jobs in the countryside, the development and promotion of the best farming practices.

The partners of the Academy are organisations from 12 countries of Asia and Europe. These are not only educational institutions, but also manufacturing companies. Foreign citizens from 17 countries study at Kursk State Agricultural Academy, and Russian students of the Academy have the opportunity to undergo internships and training in France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, USA, Czech Republic, Denmark and other countries.

The academy has 5 youth clubs of the Department of Youth Work and Educational Policy, 22 sports clubs, a school for training a modern leader;

Kursk State Agricultural Academy is a member of the Union of Agricultural Producers and Food Industry Organisations of the Kursk Region (Agrounion).

The Academy is actively involved in promoting healthy lifestyles and involves students in sports. In 2020 Kursk State Agricultural Academy won the first place in the All-Russian Spartakiad "Health" among the faculty and the staff of universities of the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia.

Kursk State Agricultural Academy cherishes the memory of the labor and military exploits of the teaching staff and its employees. In the year of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War, the Walk of Fame was opened on the student campus. The photographs show the participants of the war and home front toilers who worked at the Academy, including three Heroes of the Soviet Union and the Hero of Socialist Labor. Kursk State Agricultural Academy named after I.I. Ivanov is proud of its history and looks to the future with confidence!