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Курская государственная сельскохозяйственная академия имени И. И. Иванова

Adaptation of Foreign Students

Consulting-Preventive Seminar
"Topical Issues of Preventing Extremism in Educational and Youth Environment"

The seminar “Topical Issues of Preventing Extremism in Educational and Youth Environment” took place on February 5, in Kursk State Agricultural Academy. The participants of the joint consulting and preventing seminar discussed the topical issues of preventing extremism in educational and youth environment. The attendees of the event were international students of the academy, representatives of the Center for Counter-Terrorism and Extremism, representatives of the Administration for Migration Issues of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in the Kursk Region as well as youth worker specialist. During the open dialogue, international students got not only up-to-date information about migration rules in the Russian Federation and public order rules but face-to-face consultations on migration and social support and standards of conduct in the Russian Federation.