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Курская государственная сельскохозяйственная академия имени И. И. Иванова

Admissions for the Foreign Students

The academy offers comfortable facilities for study, living and stay of the foreign students. The Academy implements a comprehensive program of social adaptation and documentary support for students. Foreign students study together with Russian students and participate in intensive student activities from the very first days in Russia.


  1. Terms and payment for living in the dormitory: room for 2-3 person, living expenses – 900-1,600 rubles per month. The dormitories and a canteen are located on the territory of the university campus;
  2. Students get the opportunity to develop and realize their academic, sports, creative and organizational skills and talents;
  3. There are Internet rooms, IT rooms, labs, canteens, gyms and first-aid post on the campus territory;
  4. Students can also complete an internship and training in France, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, and the USA, the Czech Republic, Denmark and many other countries.
  5. For admission dates and terms, see here.

Contact us:

  • International Activities Department (Dafalla Ali Abdalla Babiker): +7-(915)-516-10-38 (WhatsApp, Telegram)
  • Foreign Students Department (Petrushina Olga Vyacheslavovna): +7(4712) 58-04-82, petrushina_ov@kgsha.ru
  • Admissions Office (Moscalev Alexander Alexandrovich): +7(4712) 39-40-20, priem.kurskgsha@gmail.com